The Hunter Valley, In New South Wales

hunter valley in nsw

Terrigal Events

Just around a two-hour drive from Sydney is the Hunter Valley. When you arrive in the area, it will be a shame not to savor the utmost of vacation in this relaxing and beautiful agricultural area. Considered as Australia’s most famous winery region, it’s no surprise that The Hunter Valley is also one of the country’s most visited places in the state of New South Wales.

But that’s not all! The place is not just all about wineries. There are lots of seemingly luxurious places to avail for but in reality, they are very affordable. There are restaurants that offer fine dining and gourmet chocolate. Other than that, the available service adventures like riding a hot air balloon, and the spa treatments for relaxation will surely make your visit worthwhile.

lovedale road new south wales

Terrigal Activities

Meanwhile, what you should not fail to visit is the trail in the Lovedale Road! The track is very relaxing, undisturbed, and quiet. It also is filled with various boutique wineries, a factory for chocolate, and classy romantic restaurants. What’s more unbelievably great is that there are also various entertaining places that are suited for your family. The place offers mini golf courses, great gardens, playgrounds, and vineyard courses where you and your kids can sing together while on the drive! So what are you waiting for? Take a drive and enjoy the cool atmosphere!

The best-recommended spot to drive along is the trail in the Mountain View that leads you up to Bimbadeen Lookout. This will not only give you the perfect grasp of nature but it will also make you witness the most spectacular views of the Hunter Valley and the Brokenback Range.